Tuesday, September 20, 2005


With just over a week to go before everything needs to be completed it's exciting to see all the various components of the installation beginning to come together. As well as creating the work I have also been involved in the decision making process regarding every aspect of the design of the exhibition space. Of course, this has been interesting but it has also been very time consuming. Now, however, the results all our planning is becoming evident.

Over the weekend the false walls required to separate the installation area have been erected and yesterday have been painted. Today l have been working on what will become the visual element for the installation, converting the sound descriptions contributed from the general public into a suitable format to be installed over the weekend. If all goes to plan, tomorrow will see the arrival of all the audio equipment.

This air of anticipation is not just confined to my installation. As the museum itself is nearing completion so the work needing to be done changes. Likewise, downtown the short, sharp sounds of construction are moving onto other areas and the centre is regaining a calmer ambience and consequently it is now easier to hear the detail in the sounds of the life of this amazing city.